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More Rockhounding

This past weekend I set up a field trip to my pegmatite claims both the Donna and the Lost Peg as someone in the past destroyed a few of the claim posts and I needed to replace the posts. I believe a cassiterite crystal was found in an old tailing pile on peg matrix. Also 3 tabular quartz crystals were found. I did do two more show sales after the Vista Show both the Victor Valley club and El Cajon Gem and mineral club. All three shows were more productive than I anticipated. Looking forward to going to Quartzsite at the end of this month and selling at the Pow Wow from Jan 20-Jan 24 2016. Will be in 204 again this year. I expect to rockhound both before and after that show. Also sense the Vista show I have collected new material in both the South Cady and North Cady mountains on two different weeks. Never did make it to Utah this year for rocks. Take care and go smell some dirt.

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