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Gold prospecting time

The first trip to my gold claim in 2016 was towards the end of May into June and was fantastic as gold was found. A better walking trail was made before the next trip. A week later I was on my way to Colorado for a rockhounding trip. Due to the driving distance and 17 hour drive, I will not be going to Colorado any time soon yet great rocks were found. Two weeks later I was back on my gold claim for a week with equipment problems that will be fixed in a few days. A new flat trail was found from an old flume and road made years ago that I will drive my quad in next time. This was cleared with loppers and chain saw I brought. I hope to go back again in a few weeks as more gold needs to be found and a large rock needs to be cleared from the quad trail. I did leave everything like the main camp gear on the claim so no set up has to be done next time. This is one sweet spot on a river yet more trash has to be remove from the mess people left years ago. On this trip I could only bring so much back. Three others went with me and I hope to find a few other people to go in a few weeks. Time to go smell some gold so see ya

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