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Over 6 months and not a peep from me. Spent close to 7 nights per month for 4 months up at my gold claim and not the greatest of finds were had. Plan to work a different strategy and location I believe will definitely be more productive and if so will spend more time on the claim next year. I have been back to the N. Cady mountains a few more times this year and also to Arizona for shattuckite and fluorite with chrysocolla. Only went to my pegmatite claims twice. I plan to spend a few days in Quartzsite at the end of this year and will be selling again in space 204 at the Pow Wow for 5 days from 01/17/18 - 01/21/18. Off to the N Cady mountains for 4 nights leaving this Thursday to collect at different locations and some new ones. If in the the area I can give you the coordinates where we will be. Please request by 01/13/17 4:30 pm PST. Merry Christmas, so please request coprolite as it is better than coal.

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