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Fire Agate Rough (All has FIRE)

Fire Agate Rough. This material was collected in 1975 and 1976 at Helen Madden's claim just west of Palo Verde, Imperial county Calif. I obtained close to 120 lbs and saw very little color in the agate. I put some promising pieces in a tumbler for about 3 days. All 55 pieces you see in the pictures has fire in them. I did not trim any of the pieces so a large piece may only have a small bit of fire. I have noticed on e-bay that rough brown chalcedony is called fire agate and my not have any fire. I will be happy to add extra pounds of chalcedony with the brown that might and might not have fire in it. This will fit in a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box for $11.35 so I will be able to add the extra chalcedony. Moisture was added to the specimens to bring out some fire as all pieces need to be trimmed and polished.

US $395
In stock: 1
Handling charge:  US $4
Weight: 3 lbs

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