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Jade Rough $2.00 Oz

Jade mostly from the Monterey-Big Sur California beach area. Pictures have been taken wet. Great for tumbling or making cabs or pendents. Let me know if you want larger or smaller pieces or the already cut. Jade specimen with coin on top weighs about 1.75 Oz. So price would be $3.50 for that one piece.

In the pictures with 5 different jades mineral oil has been added to the jade. Price has been reduced.
From Large to Small A-E Weight about and price. E-mail me if there is interest in any of these so payment and postage can be stated.
A) (Mostly black) 11 Lbs 5 Oz or 181 oz $180.00
B) 3 Lbs or 48 Oz  $48.00-Sold
C) 1 lb. 15 oz or 31 oz $45.00-SOLD
D) (Black jade with quarter-25 cents on it) 1lb 4 Oz or 20 Oz. $30.00-Sold
E) 10 oz $18.00 Dark green & cut on 6 sided.-Sold

In one set of 13 jade pieces in pictures one picture is with and one is with out mineal oil added. The last 3 pictures were added last. 

Thank you

US $2
In stock: 382
Handling charge:  US $0
Weight: 0.1 lbs

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