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Larger Coprolite Chunks $4.00 Lb.

Larger Coprolite Chunks $4.00 Lb. Great slabbing, tumbling or cabbing. Kids like Dinosaur poop. Comes from the Jurassic Era and is around 148 Million years old. Was found in Wayne County Utah around Henry Mountains in Hansen wash. These coprolite chunks came from broken coprolite that was whole at some time in the past. Most is agitized but more blue then the smaller pieces with different colors. Let me know if you want large or smaller pieces. You can tell it is Dinosaur poop by the smell-Sorry there is no smell as it is now a petrified rock. Have larger pieces but not in the pictures. Please expect a refund on postage as it is always over calculated. Sorry about this.

US $4
In stock: 115
Handling charge:  US $1
Weight: 1 lbs

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